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$500 Per Day With Facebook Fan Pages

$500 Per Day With Facebook Fan Pages

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Adam C. Miller
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Blackhat + CPA

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Table Of Contents
The Easy Formula
First off, this is a black hat method that can make some very
The Easy Formula.
Dominating The CPA’s.
Black Hat Movie Trailers.
Cashing In On Typos.
Lazy Writers To Easy money.
Perv Baiting.

The Easy Formula:
First off, this is a black hat method that can make some very
good income without very much work at all. But it IS black hat
so if you have a problem with that you should stop reading now.
If black hat is not a problem for you, which I assume it is not
seeing that you are reading an ebook called "BLACKHAT CPA",
then read on. Just be sure to read the entire method before
actually putting it to practice. You will save yourself a lot of
time in the long run.

Your first step is to sign up with a CPA, Cost-Per-Action,
affiliate program. There are many of these networks to choose
from and they all have many, many offers to choose from.
Here are some you can choose from (There is a huge list below in
the Resource section):
There are plenty more but this should be more than enough. Keep
it simple.

Set up two email addresses; one at (or,
whichever) and one at Gmail puts a limit to 40-50
emails sent in a short period of time before putting a block on
your account. Yahoo does not do this, thus the two email
accounts. The reason we made an account at gmail is because we
do not want to keep making new yahoo accounts over and over
again. You will need to set up your gmail account to
automatically forward all email to your yahoo account. This is
very easy to do.

You will not need to create new gmail accounts because of this
simple little trick. Say your email is
Well, if an email is sent to or, etc, they will all be sent to your
"normal" email address at And then of
course forwarded to your yahoo email account.

Now that we have that done, the next step is to post some ads in
free classified ads websites, such as;
(you can post an ad in each of the 50 states "mini-site")

These sites should be plenty. But there are many more out there
if you wish to post there as well.

You will be posting your ad in the "freebie" of "free" sections
of the above websites. I have a message below you can use, but
it is best to change it up, slightly at least, so your ad does
not get taken down for duplicate content.

"I am giving away my old iPhone as it has a small scratch on the
bottom of the screen. I just won a new one so I really don't
need this one anymore. With postage and everything, it really
just isn't worth putting on ebay. And i just got one for free

It still works fine; it just has that small scratch on the
bottom of the screen. I am not going to send it so if you want
it you will have to come by to pick it up. But, hey it's a free
iPhone so it's worth it right? I still have the box it came in
and all the cables you need so you can have those too. However,
I cannot find the iTunes CD.

This is first-come first-serve so get in touch soon as it will
probably not last long."

You will be using your regular youremailname@gmail account for
this one ad only. For any more ads you will use and so on. For this one, you can
easily expect a couple hundred emails at least, and you can make
as many ads as you wish. Think about how many emails you will

You will see where this is going in a moment.

Now, go to your CPA Network and in this case, find an offer
about a free iPhone. It does not ALWAYS have to be a free iPhone
of course. I'm just using the iPhone in this example. That, and
it is also extremely popular. Just choose a good offer and make
your ads relate to that, whatever it may be.

There are many offers where you get paid a few dollars eveytime
someone simply fills in their email address. Now, think about
that. We just had hundreds of people interested in a free iPhone
email us! you already have a targeted list.

Now to reply to all those emails. Just copy and paste something
like the text below and reply to the emails. This of course can
be altered depending on the offer and your personal taste;

"Hello, (the senders name here)

I'm sorry, but I am afraid the iPhone has already been picked up
by someone else. I'm not really surprised it went so quickly as
they are great phones. But seeing that you are interested in
them I guess I can let you in on something I found. I have won 2
iPhones in the past 6 months just by entering this competition a
bunch of times with all of my email accounts. http://youraffiliate-

Like I said I've won 2 already so it's worth a try at least."
Make sure you use the persons name at the beginning of the
message. It makes it sound more personal and believable. Now, of
course, the offer you choose with your CPA account will effect
the message you send people at craigslist and in emails.

Sometimes it is not a competition, but the type of site where
the visitor completes a few offers to get the freebie. It all
depends on the offer you decide to go with.

Dominating The CPA's

This next method is either mildly or heavily black hat,
depending on the terms of your offers. But the common thread
here is that it can take someone with no investment capital or
start up experience to nearly instant revenue. Your goal is
really quite simple; give the CPA Networks exactly what they
want, which is basically;
-Real traffic
-A legitimate conversion rate
-Verifiable leads
-Good traffic sources
So here we go.

Sign up for about 20 different CPA networks. You can do more or
less depending on how much time you have and how much money you
would like to make. There is a very large list at the very
bottom of this ebook in the resource section with many, many CPA
Networks to choose from.

There are a couple of programs you may want to get to make
things MUCH easier on yourself;

-Roboform - makes signing up for new CPA networks much easier
and faster. this will come in handy for this and many things you
do later on.

-StatsRemote - Gives live stats on all of your CPA networks you
have signed up for and is supported by most CPA networks.
It is always a good idea to already have a website before you
apply for a CPA network. If you know nothing or very little
about website design and html, using a website design program
like XsitePro 2 ( ) or Dreamweaver
( ) will be a huge help, not just for
this plan either. You will find it exetremely useful for a long
time to come. Personally, I know html but I still love XsitePro
2 as it makes everything so quick and easy. Of course, you could
always just make a blog; that will usually be good enough. Paint
Shop Pro also comes in very handy for creating images of
different sizes, like a 468x60 banner ad. As far as getting
approval on some of these CPA sites, you should try not to use
yahoo or google email addresses. When you get a domain, most
hosts also offer a free email address with it. Like
"" for example. It just looks much more
professional. If you have to answer any questions to quality it
is usually just two simple ones;

1. How do you promote offers? I buy traffic and banner space.

2. What type of offers are you interested in? I run all types
of offers if they are converting well, I have access to a lot of
traffic sources.

This may not sound too important, but it is. Develop a friendly
relationship with your affiliate manager, using whichever form
of communication you prefer. This will help ensure that you are
not banned without a word or warning. The better they know you,
the more "real" you will seem to here.


Choose one offer on each network. Free trial offers are usually
great because they generally $20 or more for every customer that
pays just a few dollars for shipping and handling to take a
trial of whatever the product may be. Debt consolidation is
another good one, especially right now. Stay away from insurance
and mortgage offers because they are very time consuming for the
customer and often times they do not want to fill out an
extremely long form.


Setting up our source of traffic.
One great way to this is to use the Alexa directory at . Once there, do some keyword searches for
the CPA offer you are promoting. Alexa lists websites by order
of rank, which makes it easy to see which ones are getting the
most traffic.

Many of these sites offer advertising space on their website and
the ones that do not will usually love that someone wants to
advertise on their website. $25 a week for a 468x60 banner ad at
the top of their website is somewhat typical. Of course, YouTube
is a great FREE way to advertise!

Getting fresh leads.

OK here we go; Mystery Shoppers. Yes I said Mystery Shoppers.
You can get many leads per day without ever paying even one
penny. I am talking about using Craigslist
( But not actually posting on
Craigslist. I am talking about using the "Resumes" section.
Simply do this.

-Pick any city you wish, "the bigger the better" sometimes
applies, but not always. On the left side where it says "Search
Craigslist", type in one of the following keyphrases;

work from home

extra money

work from home

stay at home mom

extra cash

Or something similar. Then open the dropdown box and pick
"resumes", then click Go. The results will give you anywhere
from dozens to hundreds of people looking for extra money, a
work from home opportunity, etc. There will be plenty of leads
to choose from. These people want and need the extra money and
when you present an online mystery shopping position to them for
$9 per hour (or whatever you want), they will usually jump at
the chance.

They will get all kinds of free trials of products, depending on
what offers you decide on. Often times, they even forget to
cancel the offer later on and they get rebilled, increasing your
quality score with the CPA Network.

Remember you are getting $20 or more (usually more) for each one
so you are making a good profit and your leads are making a few
extra dollars themselves. This is very easy and both of you will
make a profit from it.

This is really very easy once you get the hang of it; to the
point where it is nearly automatic. You really can make good
money by doing this.

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Search Engine Optimization

101 Basics to
Search Engine Optimization

A Guide on How to Utilize Search Engine Optimization for
Your Website

In this book, we will look at what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, and the
ways in which it can be used. Through this book, we will provide you with the
basics on using Search Engine Optimization in order to improve traffic flow to
your site.

By many people, SEO is considered to be a part of search engine marketing. It
is often used when people are describing a process for improving the amount of
traffic that goes to a website from various different search engines. Many site
owners will engage in using SEO in an attempt to obtain qualified visitors to their
site. The quality of these visitors will often be measured by what specific
keywords they are using in order to reach the desired result they want, such as
making a purchase, or it could just viewing or downloading a particular page on
that site. It may be that the visitor just requests some further information, or they
sign up to a newsletter.

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing strategy which can often generate a
good return for the site. But what must be remembered is that search engines
are not actually paid for the traffic they send to a site from a natural (organic)
search. Plus, they will regularly change the algorithms that they use for these
searches to be carried in an effort to improve the results for people using their
search engine. In fact, there is no guarantee that using this system is successful
in either the long or short term for any website. Because of this, SEO is often
compared to traditional forms of PR (Public Relations), while PPC (Pay per Click)
advertising is more closely associated with traditional forms of advertising.
However, even if you do find you have increased traffic to your site because of
SEO, if your site is unprepared for this increased traffic, it may in fact be
detrimental to your site, as visitors will go away feeling dissatisfied and will not

But though SEO can be considered as a marketing tactic which is a law unto
itself, it is often considered to part of the bigger picture by many industry experts.

Chapter 1
Why Use Search Engine Optimization
SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as already previously mentioned, is a sub
section of search engine marketing.
Unfortunately, with SEO, there are no shortcuts, and if you are looking for a way
to get quick and easy results, then this isn’t it. But instead, you will need to carry
out some hard work, especially in relation to the actual content of your site.
Also, you will need to have plenty of patience, as results do not happen
overnight. So if you are looking to improve the search engine position of your
site, you should consider this very early on when looking at using SEO.
However, what are important are the following points:-

Good Content

This is probably the single most important point you should remember when
doing SEO, especially if you want your site to be found on the web. Although
your site may be technically perfect so that the search engine robots find it, you
will find that it will not help if the actual content of your site is not good.
For the content of your site to be good, it should be factually, as well as
grammatically correct. But this is not really necessary for every site that is on the
web today. However, what is important is that whatever your site is about, the
content actually needs to be unique and specific so that it will appeal to people.
Moreover, it in fact needs to be particularly appealing to those people looking for
information or who want to find your site.

By having good content on your site, visitors will return and eventually these
visitors who return are more likely to link to your site. Having lots of inbound links
is not only great for your site, but for search engine rankings also. It is even
better if those links are from more highly ranked sites than your own.
Also, not only do you need to have good content on your site, you also need to
have fresh content also. If you add new content to your site on a regular basis,
you are giving your visitors more reasons for returning to it. Because of this,
search engine robots will also visit your site more often as soon as they notice
that you are updating it regularly. So what this means is that any new content
you add, will then be indexed much quicker in the future.

Check your Spellings

If your site is written in English, then you are probably aware of the differences in
spelling between American and British English. Where in the UK they will write
colour”, in the USA it is written as “color”, and the same can be said of
optimization” and “optimization”. So if you can, why not set up your machine so
that the spell checker is set up as USA English rather than British English.
Unfortunately, there are many words between these two languages that are often
misspelled, and in fact, the same can be said for many other languages around
the world.

Make sure your Page Titles are Descriptive

If you make your page titles as simple, descriptive and relevant as possible, it will
make it easier for the search engines to know what each page of your site is
about. This will then allow people to scan through the search results they get,
and are able to quickly determine if your document contains what they are
actually looking for. Also, it should be remembered that the page title is also
what is used in order to link to your site from the results provided by the search
As a result of this, it is important to ensure that the title on the page is one of your
most important elements of your site. In fact, some people will argue that this the
most important part of any site above all other things.

Use of Real Headings

This is where you need to use h1-h6 (header tags) elements for your headings.
By using graphics for your headings you are able to use any typeface you want
(but search engines will not pay much attention to this). Even if you do use the
alt attribute to specify an alternate text for heading images, this is not anywhere
near as important as using real text in a heading element.

But if you are unable to use real text, then look at the various image or flash
replacement techniques that are available instead. However, be aware that there
may be some risk involved in doing this. As image replacement involves hiding
text, it is quite possible that you may be penalized by search engines for doing
this. But at present, this kind of risk seems pretty slim.

Ensure that your URL’s are search engine friendly

It is important to use search engine friendly URL’s, as opposed to dynamically
generated ones that have a query string (which lets the server know which data
to fetch from a database). Unfortunately, there are many search engine robots
which have difficulties with this kind of URL and they may well stop at the
question mark, and so not actually look at the query string.

By using a search engine friendly URL; you are helping both your ranking and
users of your site. Many sites have seen an incredible improvement just
because they have changed the URL scheme on it. However, the modification
and rewriting of a site’s URL can be a little tricky.

Getting Linked

There is no easy or sustainable way in order to solve this but for one. The really
only good way to ensure that your site gets linked is to ensure that it contains
good content. For any site on the web, incoming links are very important,
especially for Search Engine Optimization. In fact, you may find that this is the
hardest part of SEO for you to implement.

But many people have found that incoming links are less important, especially
where you have more specific and unique content on your site.

Make it Accessible to All

This is as important as all things previously mentioned. It is important that you
make your site accessible to those who are visually impaired, as this will help
search engine robots find their way around it also. It is important to remember
that Google is blind, so even if you are not bothered whether blind people use
your site or not (which we all should be in today’s world); you still need for it to be
accessible. What this means is that you should use real headings, paragraphs
and lists, and avoid using anything which may interfere with the search engines

Be Careful when making a Submission

Although this is often overrated, submitting your site to directories and search
engines can actually be useful. This is especially important if the site happens to
be new and has not as yet been picked up by Google and many of the other
search engines that are around.

But if you do want to look at submitting it to some directories, you may want to
consider using Yahoo Directory and Open Directory Project and some directories
specific to your topic (for example, if you have a blog, try submitting to But you will need patience, as it can take several
weeks for any submissions to be processed unless you pay for it to be listed.

Do not try to fool the Search Engines

Never use such methods as cloaking, link farms, keyword stuffing, alt text
spamming or any other dubious ways. Although they may work for a short time,
you not only risk getting your site penalized, but it could actually be banned from
search engines altogether.

As search engines like their results to be accurate, they just do not take kindly to
people trying to trick them.

Avoid the use of Frames

Although it is possible to provide workarounds that will allow a search engine
robot to crawl frame based sites, these will still cause problems for any visitors
who find that site through a search engine.

What happens is that when someone follows a link from a search result to a
frame based site, they will end up on an orphaned document. This will, in most
cases, create confusion for the user, as in many cases, vital parts of the site will
be lost, such as navigational links.

Browser Detection – Be Careful

If you have to use some kind of browser detection, then make sure that it does
not break when a search engine spider or any other unknown agent comes
along. Unfortunately, if the spiders can not get in, then your site will not be

As stated at the beginning of this chapter, we have provided a few basic
guidelines in relation to SEO. But there is much more that can be done in order
to increase your site’s visibility with search engines.

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                     $Fiverr     Domination

by Overnight Success

Fiverr Domination – by Overnight Success

As promised here are some great ways to generate some easy traffic to your
Fiverr Gigs with the added bonus of running the Twitter Bot to any and all of
your campaings that your running right now or plan to run.
You have the choice to use the free method or Twitter Bot.
Here are your links for both:
Please be sure to leave some positive feedback on the thread and let us know
about the success your seeing with this excellent method!
Again thank you for your puchase and please stay tuned for more exciting
methods from me...
To your success!

Overnight Success

Fiverr Domination – by Overnight Success

Fiverr Domination Part 1 - Create a Gig Fast

Fiverr Domination - Part 2 Getting Traffic

Fiverr Domination - Part 3  The Upsale